How Good is our China Hiring Process?

China hiring process

Getting past gut feel to real process is so valuable

How good is our Chinese Hiring Process?  We know Chinese managers and salesmen leave for private companies because we are recruiters. My GM, Paul Wang, mentioned this to me a while back and just a few minutes thinking about it proves the point.

As head hunters, many candidates do not want to leave their job as they are afraid.  People will leave for money and or to escape a bad situation in the hopes of finding better.  Most companies do not just want to outbid the other companies. They really want to find a guy who would work for them for less than they earn now.  Hiring managers and the buyers behind them want people who just love widgets since their childhood and will always love making widgets for Acme Co.  We like to think that we are great leaders and people love following us. We may even think we are blessing people with work. Few companies really have grasped that they need to brand their employment message and thus their business culture to have any magnetic appeal.

Some companies put the values on the wall of the company, and it is just those companies that bleed people the fastest.

Professional China Hiring Process or Getting Lucky Sometimes?

So companies throw their hands in the air, and their people leave for Chinese companies. Think how far we have fallen when people leave us for a private Chinese company. Commonly, we see the result.  The candidate regrets going into the political mess they joined in the Chinese private companies.  Sometimes we grow and become system focused and lose our humanity. People drift away, and the system was so cold. Many Western companies hire by their wisdom, or in the words of one, “I hire by gut feeling. My gut can be wrong but its right a lot, and I trust it.”  The result is that we not only lose workers to other Western companies but even lose people to private Chinese companies.

When they come back to a Western Company, they often do not come back to the original Western company and certainly are not better for the experience. We did not connect with then at all. Drift occurred, and we lost them. Often we have sent them to hell.

We lost in a beauty contest with hell. Good people do not leave good companies for a 20% raise.  It does not happen if we are doing our work in any way at all. Are we just hiring from our gut and promoting by our gut and hoping to get lucky?  Or believing in our gut to consistently build a team where people will be loyal? Have we deceived ourselves this far?  Do we then believe they can work together deeply as their values are all aligned?

When we first get a hold on our hiring and get the right people all around, then we can develop our people and training will take. Before then, we are pouring money down a hole and simply checking a box.

Sure there are great Chinese private companies, but we have no excuse for losing ground to 95% of them of them.  We are better than that, but we need continuous improvement and excellence in hiring first. SHI Group trains companies to be great at recruiting by excellent China hiring process and does recruiting for those companies who want to outsource top level positions. Those top level positions can also turn the whole boat around, so people come to us.

We long for these Western companies to be as great as they feel.



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