Cheating to Prove Their Ethics?

cheating to prove their ethics

Does anyone remember when Arthur Anderson consulting imploded when their consultants were videoed destroying the proof that they had helped Enron cooks its books?  Did anyone believe that only Anderson consultants were crooked? Does anyone believe someone would be caught cheating to prove their ethics?

Recent news is Ernst & Young got fined $100M for chronic cheating by its consultants on ethics tests. Chronic means they were sighted and then agreed to due remedial ethics classes to resolve the issue resulting in no improvement and continued chronic cheating.  Is anyone surprised?

Remedial training on ethics is nonsense. You cannot change the character of people with poor ethics by training.

What were they thinking? Who promised them training could change character if they just spent enough money on it? I think they got cheated.

Cheating to Prove Their Ethics or Just Covering Up?

This is an American story in a place where the transparency of such events is high,  You can’t find such data in China as China is all about cover up.  How bad is it?

Are there trustworthy people in America? Yes. Are their trustworthy people in China? Yes, and hundreds of millions of them, but there are a billion where you need to check your wallet. The difficulty of no Chinese ethical base.

What kind of hiring did you need, so you can rightly sleep well at night with someone in charge of your work in China? SHI Group exists just to prevent these kinds of problems and sometimes to fix them. An ounce of prevention is certainly better than a pound of cure.

The issue working in a country like China with little transparency and far from our home means the better part of wisdom is to be super careful about hiring.

Therefore, invest more in the search process. Invest more in the interview process, invest more in the background check process. It pays back great dividends. It will take some extra effort from you, and a lot of effort from us, but the results are fabulous. No buyers remorse at all. You get some good sleep as well.

Best to your work in China

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