China is Walls not Open Fields

china is walls

Can you imagine Harvard this way?

China is growing to be more like the West day by day, but we all know it will never be the West.  Have you noticed that “China is Walls” and the West is open fields?

If you visit an American university almost all are open and welcoming in nature as you drive up to them.  Children in the US play on the school grounds on weekends.  We have simple keys for our homes.

All Chinese K-12 schools are gated and locked except when students arrive and leave. Universities all have guarded and lockable gates.

The key to my house in China is non reproducible. If we lose keys, we need to replace the lock. My door is made of heavy metal. An ax could not get you in at all.

Adjust to “China is Walls” Environment

Why is this?

Chinese fears are high for sure. Trust among and within the Chinese community is low. They know what is in their own heart, and so they are afraid of their neighbors.

So how do you adjust your hiring when you are in China? “When in Rome, Do as the Romans Do” makes a lot of sense in this case. Why in a land where they know they cannot be trusted would you choose to hire people in a similar process as in the West?

Knowing from experience the value of getting the right people in China, we only provide people who are checked thoroughly to ensure they are who they say they are.

Since living in China, I have always felt that the Great Wall is a fitting symbol of China. In the land of locks and walls, they should be recognized for their ability in walls and the reasons for it.

They adjusted, and we should follow suit.

Agreed or Not? Thoughts?

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