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Westerners often say they trust until they have reason not too. We Americans give trust at the outset which is a kind of admirable trait. It also means that politics is too high in US companies, and it is even worse in US companies in China. SHI Group chooses to first doubt, and it gives us a 95% success rate.

I like Pat Lencioni’s thinking and knew him through Five Dysfunctions of a Team. My favorite book of his is The Four Obsessions of an Extraordinary Executive. In the book, Pat emphasizes important tasks that leaders cannot delegate that led to big success for the guy in the story that follows. However, it is a good read as one bad hire slipped into his management and all started to unravel just as we often see here in China. Western Leaders come to China and nervously hire a few people and feel they succeeded and hire away.

They have no idea that even one bad hire can destroy 5 other good hires on his team. Further, they did not see that one of their “good hires” is actually a great interviewer who will manipulate him from this day forward. He will feel good even as that guy saps the strength from his company. See Executive Recruitment China – Choosing Right Leaders.

Why We First Doubt

As China based recruiters for Western Companies, we choose to doubt, do research and trust when verifiable evidence causes us to. Our thinking is Hear-Doubt-Research-Trust. This has made us a premium recruitment company here in China.

Our customers accept that they can trust the people we recommend. Further, they see value in those people with real experience who exhibit real integrity. The best of our customers choose to build their company in China on the management and sales people we provide.

This has made these customers stronger year by year. They line up to give us recommendations.

Why has choosing to doubt made us stronger? It is because our Western customers are smart enough to admit they do not have the expertise to know who NOT to trust by their method. Therefore, we consistently help our customers know who not to trust and who to trust among the great resumes we find.

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