Digging Deeper to Do the Best Recruiting

do the best recruitingOur hallmark in recruiting is digging deeper. We dig deeper to know our customers and did deeper to find candidates, and dig much deeper to know candidates. We think the whole industry is too shallow and that has led to so many poor hires. This happens in China and US where we recruit.

We often get customers who have worked hard to get a very specific job description ready. We tend start to talk to them and find out they need 4 of 5 other attributes that do not show up on a JD, but will make of break the hire. They may be looking for someone with drive and mature ability to handle conflict, initiative, ambition, responsible, hands on, transparent and teachable. We talk to them more and find they have an almost family like environment in their company and want a person who can enter in like that.

It is so important to see these things.

We can draw these out in a deep interview, but these attributes could only be proved out in a deep background check that could verify it. See also Better Decisions With Better Information.

SHI Group Loves To Do the Best Recruiting

What we have found is the interview is the prince and the background check is the king. We need the detailed interview to deeply take on the background check.

In the background check, we seek out objective data that has no motive to lie. When we find differences between the objective data and the candidate it always happens that the difference is one the candidate created to make him or herself look better. No candidate says they sold 1 million but actually the record says 2 million for example. Usually, we find the candidate had no new sales rather than 1 million.  Drawing out a verified reference is an art. Also notable is sometimes even verified references will lie for candidates. So do we choose Trust or Information Dependability?

In truth, we see what other recruiters do not want to background check like we do. SHI Group, both in China and the US goes that extra mile, but that extra mile is hard work and takes about a week on average. It is very hard to get the right person on the phone. Going deep with references is the third part of our deep dive that gets you remarkable results.



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