It’s Not Who We Place-Its Who We Refuse

who we refuse in China recruitingLet’s talk about who we refuse. As bad placements get sacked, and they lie about what happened, these bad hires get passed around. You get extra chances to make them an offer.  Now the example.

In a headquarters about to to hire a finance executive who interviewed so well.  A little research showed this guy was piling up degrees and never really doing anything worthy of this position. A little more, and we saved that headquarters from making a bad hire. We instead placed a brilliant finance executive who then made them millions.  This last minute refusal and placement led me step by step to starting my own company nearly 15 years ago. It is a good memory that helps me keep moving forward.

If they had made the offer to the first guy who then kept getting passed around, they never would have got the genius.

Who We Refuse Leads Us to Who We Choose

So, a key step in our method is seeing who we need to refuse. Without the insight, commitment and passion for data that we bring, we would make all those bad placements that all the other recruiters make.  They have keep passing those bad hire around and no one really understands what’s happening.

We also say yes to people that other recruiters pass over, so we are totally different than other recruiters. We are able to discover the troublemaker and the unknown genius.  It just takes different glasses to see and lots of experience to be able to see yet more from the same data.

I think other recruiters are just afraid to ask one more question that would show the shining candidate to be a fraud. We always ask this question and refine our ability to know that question better.  So, yes, we are very good at refusing.  That is a key step that makes us better at what we do.


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