The Details Count in Recruiting

details count in recruitingAt SHI Group, we often say the details count in recruiting. We do not mean we notice if the candidate picks up paper we drop on the floor.  That is theater. SHI Group digs for every detail in the work experience of candidates. We also notice every interaction in the whole recruiting process.

Candidates work hard to give the best interview performance instead of being real, so you cannot know the real person.

Our job is to carefully look beyond the performance that the candidate provides to see the real work and attitude they had in their work experience.

SHI Knows Details Count in Recruiting

Collecting details in the interview is the first step. Mostly, this is details about the experience he tells us about. We also note how he treats our recruiter. We also carefully note his attitude about learning, challenges and teamwork plus more.

This comes into direct use when we background check.

It is no use to tell a ask a boss what they think about Frank. To hear he says Frank is ok or say he does not like Frank and is glad he is gone is not what we need.

The boss may say fine as does fears liability if he says something bad.. He may say he does not like Frank as Frank did not agree to help him steal things. now if Frank says the boss loves him and the boos says no, that is useful data.

Most useful data comes in asking bosses about specific events that Frank told us about.

Salesman Frank says he found the customer by cold calling and handled the whole process down to contract signing.  When we ask the boss about the project, he tells me the customer was an old friend of his and Frank just handled the paperwork.

This is objective data that has nothing to do with their relationship, but it has a lot to do with Frank lying about how he gained contact with the customer and what his role was.  The details uncovered a liar and a guy who cannot find new customers in one stroke. The interview cannot do that. A stand alone background check cannot do that.

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