What Should Hiring Managers Care About?

what should hiring managers care about?Hiring managers have a lot to think about and talent and budget are usually the top two. Seems reasonable, but thinking more – what should hiring managers care about or not care about?

Here are some others I see:

Resume with no gaps

Presently Employed

Long time working in each position

Increasing length of stay in each succeeding placement

Uses right buzz words

What Should Hiring Managers Care About – The Deeper Thought

No gaps is meant to mean that this person is always wanted wherever they work. But is that a faithful measure? Have you every worked for an ogre? Have you ever got fired unfairly? Is not gaps blocking you fork some of the best hires?

Not unemployed means you want someone who others also now want and that gives you confidence as you confess you do not know enough, so you use this.

Long time in each company. My Mom worked at one company that went bankrupt do to bad HQ strategy. A the next place, she had to move with her husband’s work. Did that make her a bad accountant for the next place she worked till her retirement?  No, long time in a job can mean the person got lucky or was lazy and stayed at a bad company too long.

Increasing length of stay. I would like to ascribe this to luck. I have seen so many older managers who made one move that did not work out and cannot get back to the right company. However, they are still the great hire they were before all things went bad for them.

Buzz Words can be used by anyone who worked 1 month near a certain line of work. Ir does not indicate skill or especially character.

This brings me to the real problem. I know these things and others that hiring mangers look for- so do the candidates.

SHI Group Knows You Want A Good Hire Actually

That is why they falsify their resumes to show each these things. They get interviews as have made these perfect resumes. However, 90% of perfect resumes are lies from people who do not have the character you are looking for. Yet, ironically, your rules lead you to these bad hires that you are trying to avoid.  SHI Group hates these misunderstandings that lead the right guy to be sitting at home while the politician is working for you. We hate wrong hires enough that our system digs deeper to kick out the perfect resume as a liar, and to advance the messy resume as we found a gem when we looked under the hood.

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