Window or Wall in China?

window or wall in ChinaEvery hire you make in China is a window or wall. Some Western company hires make you smarter in China and some make you dummer.

Let me start slow.  Some hires tell you “This is China.” and that is meant to end discussion. Others are here to help you know how to thrive in China in the world that exists here.  It has its own design and getting inside it is so important. How can you make good decisions without all the information? Or with bad data?

Everyone agrees the we should understand first and decide second. In my own culture in the US that may mean 10 minutes. In China it may mean 5 hours. However, the principle is still true. Understand first and decide second.

Window or Wall in China? Too many Walls

If your China hire mostly protects him or herself, then you have a wall and not a window. Information is distorted. Hiring under this person is often weak as they make C level hires, so they look good.

For the individual hire you have in China, the other risks are more clear. What do you know about the suppliers? Do you have a window?

Western leaders need a lot of wisdom to get to the truth and know who to support and who to fire. Bad hires make themselves appear invaluable so you put up with their bad behavior. The key is to not make those bad hires, but having done so, then how fast can you get out and can you be sure the next hire will be better? These are all reasonable concerns, which is why we always go the extra mile to make sure the first hire or you effort to replace the bad guy works. These are each critical hires that can make or break your ability to thrive in China.

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