Do You Want a Good China Hire?

want a good china hireOk, that is an obvious question. It confronted me big time when I needed to hire 70 people for a start up factory I was leading in 1997. Sure, I want a good China hire just like you. Seems many get stuck in wrong way of thinking. (see video here to get my telling of whole story.)

The next question for me then was how to succeed?

Truth, honesty and real data are basic to run a factory. Then, you can start in making decisions and developing everything else based on things that are real.

Next you need to get people with various special skills to match the needs of the work. You need Quality, Production, Logistics, Purchasing, Finance and Sales specialties for example. You need maximum talent within a limited budget.  You need people who are available now.

It is a good picture. I think everyone has roughly this picture. Here, I diverged from the regular market.

Want a Good China Hire? Let’s Get Unstuck

First, here is regular. We have this picture of needing integrity. Then, the first resume lands on the desk, and all discussion is on listed experience and whether this resume shows a gap in employment.  Trustworthy gets left behind once the resume lands as we start to problem solve in the resume and compare resumes and compare interview results. It all seems so scientific and professional.

Honesty is just assumed. If you ask the candidate if they are honest, they will say yes. No one lists on the Job Description, “must be honest,” or “must only produce real data.” It actually feels funny to think of doing it. Of course, we need real data.  Why can’t we say it?

We do not trust the answer, so do not write and do not ask. If someone writes on their resume they are trustworthy, we can only discount that and move on to see what they said they accomplished in their work.  We cannot even ask. “Why do you write that you are honest?” “What do you have to back that up?”

We cannot touch the issue that is basic. So, the key thing we just leave to chance.  That did not make sense to me.

I put trustworthy on top and with functional experience in each case, and we were fabulously successful.  Why would you leave to chance or to your feeling that you trust when the results in your organization ride on this decision?

In China you do not need to, as we cover the data behind the resume and interview. We also are experts in finding the talent with character.  Write us. We can fix this gap.


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