“Other China Recruiters Do Not Do That!”

China recruiters are making messy teams 2-5-3


China Recruiters, be they International and famous or Domestic, appear to be on the wrong track.  Not so long ago we were doing some searching for an American company in West China. Finding talented workers in their remote location is not easy, but the kind of work we like.

One candidate complained as we dug deeper into her background,

Other China recruiters do not check this deep! You check too deep! Resumes are not important. I can make them say anything. Believe my ability…Let me tell you, resumes are rarely true. I recommend you just tell them a few main points from my resume to get me in.

We laughed and told her she is not suitable for our customer. We had found out how bad her work record really was despite what her resume said.

Other China Recruiters

Yes, other head hunters do packaging. They change resumes and instruct candidates how to trick the hiring managers. So we are not traditional head hunters at all and do not want to be.

Other head hunters know how to cover up. We know how to bring everything to light.  Our work styles are exactly opposite.

So we continue in our path. You can get lucky with other head hunters despite their training and/or behavior in packaging candidates.

We get to the bottom of things and know that in China things get deep pretty fast.

Perfect Resumes are a Bad Standard

Companies and candidates often think the perfect resume and the perfect interview are the standard.

We disagree. Great workers are not always great at the interview and do not always have beautiful resumes.   Some bad workers can do both excellently we know from experience.

I sometimes mention the 2-5-3 rule.  Natural hiring results at companies I visit show the 2-5-3 arrangement pretty consistently.  2 hires are working for you heart and soul each day. 5 check their heart at the door and are neither against or for most initiatives if you knew what their heart was thinking. 3 are actually change agents who disagree with your path. Shockingly enough, 30% of managers are working against the people who pay them each day.

As bad hires are usually good politicians, it is understandable most business leaders do not discern which are the 2 and which are the 3. Harmful costs still occur.  Others see the problem and are just resigned that it must be that way. They think the problem cannot be solved, and China is just this way. We know China is not just this way.  

China Recruiters, like recruiters anywhere, have some thinking and behavior that is too selfish. However, we know a transparent way to get the job done even though it does make our job harder to work transparently and dig deep.

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