206,000 Reasons to Get China Right

China is an amazing world. When you think of China, you are in another world. Why do I think you should get China right?

Well, I live in Wuxi. Chinese people call it a small city. Yet it has over 5 million people. I heard another stat and smiled.

206,000 packages are sent or received in China every minute. That is nearly 300 million packages a day. Oh my goodness. I remember reading a few years ago that China would have a huge gap in logistics personnel and ability over this generation and would need 1000’s of experts from the West to give their lives here. That help, I am not sure they needed. However, Chinese companies certainly bought software and devices from the West along the way to 206, 00o packages a minute. I think we need to learn from them at this point, however.

Have Reasons to Get China Right?  I have 206,000

So, are some of those packages from you company? It could be. When you need someone to help you market or sell them it in a new way, we can help you make sure that it won’t end in sorrow. We see clearly you need someone that is transparent and teachable.

Both of those are not very common here. Finding both means we dig deep in each area and find real data beyond the resume and interview that no one else wants to find for you. See at our US Site, Beyond the Resume and Interview.

This does make you a successful hiring manager as every time you get the right data like our US website tells in the short video here.

Now back to the immense amount of business going on. 206,000 a minute means 3433 packages a second 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Oh my, and we have not talked about what is sold at local stores which would be another massive number.  I suggest it is worth doing right here, and we can help you make sure you are paying good money to the great hire we get you. So US – China Trade Are You In?

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