Background Checks Take Time, Yeah

background checks take timeBackground checks take time and put your apparently best candidates at risk. Is that good news or bad?

You should be worried. Without our ability to draw in the right candidates through our honesty, you would have the first gap.  Then, you would miss our strong thinking on interviewing deeply and oh so specifically. This also draws the right candidates and turns away a lot of candidates who just want to dance through the interview without touching anything real.

It is also the only way to set up a real background check. This is the background check that actually has traction. It connects resumes, interviews, and reality to guarantee a good hire.

Background Checks Take Time But Are So Valuable

Oh, and yes, it does take about a week to complete. As such, we are a step slower than other recruiters who just sweep inconvenient thought under the rug.

When the guy says he can root cause analysis up and down and always right, most recruiters know to ask no more. We keep going to find out who, what, how, why, and where. It leads to awkward but every so useful talks that can be checked.  That is the world we live in and our results are so good that we are glad to tell you that our 13 years of doing this at SHI Group puts us far ahead of any recruiters we can name. Even they do not want to open the doors we open. It usually makes their apparently best candidates look bad and that does not help them in their business model. See also Why SHI Group Does Background Checks?

We like making things clear and giving the true facts to our customers. It is a lot of work in our process. We take a fuzzy thing and make it clear for the benefit of the really good candidates and the companies that get them when the complicated is made simple.


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