The Right Hire is Worth the Money?

right hire is worth the money

This right hire is worth the money?

We have heard it said that the right hire is worth the money. I suppose that is true, but how do you know when you make the hire that this is the right hire?

We totally respect the concept of spending money on the right hire.  However, we see both sides from where we sit.

We know a company that chased a new hire and paid him over budget to bring him in. The hire was a great negotiator and good in the interview as well.  After the hire it became apparent that he was not what he said he was.

I am sure the company thought at offer time that the great hire is worth the money. Sadly, it did not work out for them. the recruiting fee they paid was also a lot. They let the hire go after one year of trying to make it work.

We encourage companies to pull the trigger quickly. We say that as know we can fill the gap with the right person and not have the same thing happen again.

The Right Hire is Worth the Money Whether Expensive or Not

In our process the right person is the right person wether more or less money within budget. We often kill the expensive person as they are just talkers.

If you are going to offer over budget you need to have a background check that is real.  Out of 10 background checks we can find, none of them find a way to kill the expensive bad hire. See also, Is Recruiting About the Money?

We are the only ones we know who are brave enough and able to kill the great talker.

We never want to kill our candidates.  Notably, our recruiters are not paid for placements. They are confirmed with us when they kill the best looking candidate. That is the hardest thing for any recruiter with us to do. Candidates are hard to find. Killing our own is painful, but it is what brings us business again and again.   When you are ready, contact us. SHI Group is glad to do the same for you.

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