Finding the Right People – The Holy Grail

finding the right people

Guess finding the right people should not be a comedy

Finding the right people is the goal of every hiring manager and person assisting him. The challenge is double when you want to do it cross culturally in China.

Most early efforts can come up with mediocre resumes. At a higher level, recruiters can bring in the candidates who have mediocre resumes and are already faked the resumes to look better and lie their way through the interview.

So now, companies feel better because they have candidates with resumes that now look good and interviewees who can talk like they are smart and capable.

However, this does not solve the problem of finding the right people. The hiring manager will, unwittingly, rely on occasionally getting lucky.  The Holy Grail is still out of reach.  Maybe he can move on to another company before the recent China hire explodes or simply is disappointing. Of course, the misery of anyone who has to work for the mediocre hire does not get measured but is still regrettable.

I started this company back in 2009 as hated seeing the good people sent home and the cheaters get hired. It also pains me to see good people suffer under bad hires.

As a line manager for 10 years, I was known for management success by hiring the right people. I was a  Director and GM who succeeded by placing the right people and giving them vision and room to fly. People have always been my main focus.

Getting the Right People in China is Really the Holy Grail

That was a solid method but it still had gaps. The occasional bad choice happened. So, one day, me and one of my surprising hires were puzzling 0n a purchasing manager hire. We had fuzzy doubts and a lot of concerns about corruption as know how purchasing is in China. So, we decided to look under the hood. Then, we found he was lying to us about his work history. We turned away from him and placed a woman who had nothing to hide. She is still there.

My good sense and right thinking went up one more step, and knowing my real interest was people, I went out and started my own company.

I am so glad for that day that we went deeper and plugged my last gap. We have consistently been getting people trustworthy talent ever since. I am so happy to keep facing my life’s pursuit of finding the right hire and giving you more profits and better sleep.

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