Hire Slow Fire Fast Drawbacks

hire slow fire fast drawbacksI saw an article saying hire slow and fire fast is bad advice. That caught my eye as we promote good thinking on hire slow and fire fast. However, digging in I saw even more to think about.

The author is rightly peeved at all the delays companies put candidates through. It is shocking, and we see it often. Real good candidates take other offers or lose passion for the job just because of delays in the process.He says to use all due haste but learn all you can. We nod to that as well.

He further says that firing fast without giving people a chance is not right. I back training for skills gaps and fast firing for character gaps which are not movable by training.

In an effort to get people to be more decisive, he says that hiring managers should ask more questions and get all the information they need in the interview. Here we part ways. We totally agree that asking all that is in your heart is very important in interviewing.

Hire Slow Fire Fast Drawbacks in Context

Nevertheless, we learned that interviews are limited no matter how great our interviews are. I guess the author has never seen the results of our rigorous recruiting, or he would not encourage hiring managers to interview and hire. That is understandable.

Companies that feel stressed and ask for a background check do one that assures the candidate can pass.  There is little meaning in any other background check I have seen. See also What Should Hiring Managers Care About?

We think the kind of background check most people are talking about is not worth the time or effort. On the other hand, the background check we do will change all your thinking about recruitment.

Once you have seen all the data, you will know that most recruiting is really just a good guess with bad data.

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