What Do We Mean By Trustworthy Talent?

trustworthy talentAt SHI Group we focus every day on getting Trustworthy Talent® for our customers. However, we need to speak clearer on what we mean.

Every company needs spot on talent. Further, every company needs their people to be worthy of trust. So, in brief that is why we find you trustworthy talent.

However, isn’t every recruiting company providing talent and all expect them to be trustworthy? Every  other recruiter knows there are questions you do not ask or you will know this ‘good’ candidate is not so good.  finding resumes that customers like and candidates that interview well is not simple. Recruiters earn money when those two things come together and people in the business moan when it happens.

Some recruiters tell candidates to lie and others hope they lie and lie well. That is how they get paid.  This leads to politics, inconsistent hiring, disappointment, and sometimes worse.   People who lie to get a job will lie on the job. They were rewarded for lying, so do more.

Trustworthy Talent Needs to Be Real

Succeeding in placements where we make explicit efforts to ensure talent and ensure trustworthiness is harder. It is easier to lie than to do real work.  Real placements are precious. They say they climbed mountains because they did.  No one is unhappily surprised.

Some people may think that others recruiters focus on talent while we focus on trustworthy and talent. That is not the case. We succeed in placing real talent because we looked for it.    Real talent does not need to lie. They do real work and talk about it. such candidates are unafraid of background checks as  have no skeletons in the closet.

They can afford to be transparent as they have nothing to be ashamed of. Real talent are imperfect like all hires, but these people are teachable as can come to terms with their failures. They learn from the past as do not lie about it. It is a proper world. We find it is not so common as the real world. 28% of hires are telling the truth to get the job. It means that companies get burned more often than they get lucky. The higher they go on the org chart the more lying occurs. Lying top hires often push out honest people as they cannot afford to have such people.

SHI Group Focuses and Gets Real

We find talent because we focus on people who do real things.   You cannot find the one without the other. Thus, you need trustworthy talent to have real talent. We do not consider lying to be a real talent.

SHI Group China finds that teachability and transparency come with real talent, so we talk about them a lot. We are glad to walk in the light. SHI Group gets to ask tricky candidates the most uncomfortable questions instead of being paid to avoid asking this questions. Come and see what we can do to bring you success.

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