Recruiting is Hard Work the SHI Group Way

recruiting is hard workRecruiting is hard work, at least the way SHI Group China does it. I am not saying no other recruiters work hard. I do not know just what they are doing, so I cannot say.

Most recruiters take in the hard recruiting tasks as those are the ones clients do not do themselves. We see that. We concur that they are hard in and of themselves.

We see our job as hard as we damage our own candidates.

What I mean is we find, through a hard search, a candidate. We interview that person for over an hour and if that person is worth our clients time, we pitch it to them. Other than our detailed long interview, this likely does not diverge vary far from other recruiters.

Recruiting is Hard Work the SHI Group Way

We then do a background check. This is not where the candidate gives you two names and phone numbers to check. This is where they offer us two names, and we check and then prove that one is a friend of his pretending to be his old boss. That gives us more work as the candidate our client wanted to hire proved to be most untrustworthy. Thus, we need to start over. We have hear doubled our work.

That does not count all the work we do to prove our own candidates are lying — or that they are gold. We rack our brains to see how else we can cheek our and our customers doubts to see if they are founded on fact.

Only the ones who pass get the recommendation where we say we recommend you hire Sam Yang for example. Many candidates will prove to be lying in this stage, and we will withdraw like I mentioned above. It is because we do this that we now have a 96% success rate on placements.Take a look at our Executive Recruitment China work.


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